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Doctor Zhivago: Epic Drama in Brief

Mary/ December 10, 2015/ Drama/ 0 comments

This movie is an epic drama about Russian doctor, Yuri Zhivago, who personally experiences the dramatic changes and upheavals that WWI and the Bolshevik Revolution bring to his homeland. Throughout the story, idealist Zhivago endures numerous hardships that includes an extra-marital relationship with the captivating Lara.

Doctor Zhivago: Mary’s Movie Night Review

Mary/ December 10, 2015/ Drama/ 1 comments

Mary’s review reveals that most of Doctor Zhivago was filmed in Spain in the dead heat of summer. For snow, director David Lean bought an entire marble quarry and had it ground into powder for disbursement as snow. Surrounding trees were sprayed with plastic snow to complete the setting.

Ashes and Diamonds: Wajda and socialist realism

Pam/ October 8, 2015/ Drama/ 0 comments

For an American audience to fully appreciate and understand what is communicated in Ashes and Diamonds, it is necessary to become knowledgeable about its context of production in Communist Poland, and thus the symbolic representations Wajda chose in order to stay true to the writer’s intent instead of conforming to socialist realism policy.