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American Graffiti: How Time Flies When You’re Cruising

Lucy/ January 14, 2016/ Drama/ 1 comments

About a decade before George Lucas created that galaxy far, far away, where Jedis wield lightsabers against the “Dark Side,” he directed a low-budget film called American Graffiti that defied low expectations and exploded with profitable success. This coming-of-age film is about teenagers not all marching well into adulthood in the summer of 1962. While the plot does not sound

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American Graffiti: To Write or Rite of Passage?

Judy/ January 14, 2016/ Drama/ 1 comments

After American Graffiti, all the actors continued to work in the film industry and each has led an interesting life. Paul LeMat, hot-rod, smooth-talking John in the movie, was a boxer and won service medals in Vietnam. He was married with three children, then divorced. As of 2008, his former wife, Suzanne dePasse, is the only African-American woman nominated for a screenplay Oscar .