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American Graffiti: How Time Flies When You’re Cruising

Lucy/ January 14, 2016/ Drama/ 1 comments

About a decade before George Lucas created that galaxy far, far away, where Jedis wield lightsabers against the “Dark Side,” he directed a low-budget film called American Graffiti that defied low expectations and exploded with profitable success. This coming-of-age film is about teenagers not all marching well into adulthood in the summer of 1962. While the plot does not sound

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American Graffiti: To Write or Rite of Passage?

Judy/ January 14, 2016/ Drama/ 1 comments

After American Graffiti, all the actors continued to work in the film industry and each has led an interesting life. Paul LeMat, hot-rod, smooth-talking John in the movie, was a boxer and won service medals in Vietnam. He was married with three children, then divorced. As of 2008, his former wife, Suzanne dePasse, is the only African-American woman nominated for a screenplay Oscar .

The Birdcage: Can we learn from our films?

Pam/ May 14, 2015/ Drama/ 0 comments

Many have mourned the loss of Robin Williams and his comic genius. In revisiting his films, we can consider aspects of his work that may have changed us all without realizing it. [W]hat makes the film interesting is that [Robin Williams] must play against type, toning down his manic persona in the face of Lane’s hilarious over-the-top turn. —Chuck Koplinski,

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