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Mary is an accomplished writer/ editor. Along with a blog of her own, she regularly posts about our second Thursday films, always adding a fresh and enlightening perspective. All the while she is successfully managing an active family of 5, which includes a precious newborn!

Where were the heroes for Kitty Genovese?

Mary/ May 11, 2017/ Documentary/ 0 comments

The Witness documentary about Kitty Genovese chronicles Bill Genovese’s quest to find out why not one of the reported thirty-eight witnesses stepped in to help his beloved older sister (Salomon, 2015). After her murder in 1964, intense grief and inner turmoil  plagued Bill Genovese’s life until, four decades later, he set out proactively to find the truth. Through the course

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Gaslight controversy

Mary/ April 13, 2017/ Drama/ 0 comments

It has been three quarters of a century since George Cukor’s film, Gaslight (Cukor, 1944), filled its first audience with eerie vibes that have not diminished with passing generations. Having stood the test of time due to intriguing plot, superior acting, and solid movie making, the film Gaslight continues to have a lasting impact on viewers, especially for those who

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Guerrilla: The taking of Patty Hearst – it’s not the whole story

Mary/ March 12, 2017/ Documentary/ 0 comments

The movie is an accurate portrayal of UC Berkeley and other college campuses in America in the late 1960s-70s. Forty years have passed since the Patty Hearst case, yet its environment is strikingly similar to today’s. A few weeks ago, UC Berkeley was mired with violent protests against Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News, a conservative media outlet (Gecker, 2017; Ross, 2017). Not only disallowing free speech on the campus, but the Berkeley protesters also removed metal barriers, smashed windows in buildings both on-campus and off, and defied police, who, fortunately, were able to protect the speaker from the violence.

Blossoms in the Dust: Thinking about adoption

Mary/ January 12, 2017/ Drama/ 1 comments

Blossoms in the Dust effectively expresses Edna Gladney’s deep passion for advocating on behalf of orphaned children. A series of fictionalized scenes throughout the movie give the audience good insight as to her values, sense of morals, and mission in life. One particular scene midway through the movie portrays Edna Gladney’s giving a biological father every opportunity to change his mind before officially handing his baby son over for adoption. This scene emphasizes that Edna Gladney took the separation of babies from their birth parents very seriously.