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The New York Times’ Abe Rosenthal, promoter of myth

Lucy/ May 11, 2017/ Documentary/ 0 comments

Newspapers, along with other communications media in America, are important sources for information. Atop the ivory tower of American newspapers is The New York Times. Since its start in the mid 19th century, The New York Times has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize 122 times, which is more than any other publication worldwide. (“Pulitzer Prizes”, 2017; “The New York Times”,

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Where were the heroes for Kitty Genovese?

Mary/ May 11, 2017/ Documentary/ 0 comments

The Witness documentary about Kitty Genovese chronicles Bill Genovese’s quest to find out why not one of the reported thirty-eight witnesses stepped in to help his beloved older sister (Salomon, 2015). After her murder in 1964, intense grief and inner turmoil  plagued Bill Genovese’s life until, four decades later, he set out proactively to find the truth. Through the course

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