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Propaganda, mind control, and engineering public opinion

Pam/ March 9, 2017/ Documentary/ 0 comments

Mind control is an interesting concept. This terminology most often conjures up notions of intrigue, sci-fi, destructive cults, MK Ultra, and maybe thoughts of Jason Bourne. In describing Patty Hearst at her trial, her defense team highlighted Hearst’s terror and the abuses of her captivity, suggesting that she may have been drugged into a “disordered and frightened” state. The idea

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The Patty Hearst case: persuasion, persecution, or predisposition?

Lucy/ March 9, 2017/ Documentary/ 0 comments

Combine a predisposition of Patty Hearst with the counterculture of San Francisco/Berkeley in the 1970’s, and you have a recipe for truth stranger than fiction. If the SLA were, to Patty, a mere vessel for escaping the confines of her life, it may not have taken much persuasion or brainwashing to win her cooperation in staging a kidnapping.