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The use of images in persuasion: Miracles and magic in montage

Pam/ February 9, 2017/ Drama/ 0 comments

Now and then, we must re-visit our history to know what we’ve gained in our progression of movie-watching. When we began our film exploration in January 2010, it was simply that, an exploration. However, even then, we looked at films that revealed important ways in which the movie and the spectator interact to construct their stories and to reveal their

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Sergei Eisenstein leaves an enduring legacy for filmmakers

Lucy/ February 9, 2017/ Drama/ 0 comments

Here we are in 2017, just a short eight years away from the 100-year mark since Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (1925) was released. Credited with revolutionizing the art and craft of filmmaking through its utilization of montage and special effects, this movie also forms an essential foundation for the use of film for propaganda. The film indeed remains influential today,

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